4k Monitors

Last week I tried working with 4k monitor first time. I fell in love with it instantly. Until now I’ve been using 1-2 1080p monitors and 2560×1080 ultra wide monitor at home, but 4k monitor allowed me to have everything necessary on one single screen at once. I had been putting 4k off for a long time because I thought MacBook Pro would be slow with it, but that was not the case at all. It could do 60hz and I didn’t notice anything particularly slow during one day. So, I made a quick decision to buy 4k monitor for home office.

After using it for one week, here are my impressions.

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Remote First Culture

I am big advocate for making and designing company to be remote-first. In the past, I have worked remotely for many years and half-remotely for the rest. I have had hard times, but also really good times.The company culture needs to built remote work in mind, otherwise it can cause problems when part of the group is not trusted with remote responsibilities, while others are. It also helps a lot when this mindset is in place, when the company starts to grow and the communication starts to become a problem.

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Become Fast and Practical first, Focus on Accuracy and Correctness Later

When studying Japanese about 10 years ago, one of the big realizations was to notice that I learn much faster if I fail fast and check the answer, as opposed to try to think about the word for over 10 seconds.

Some of my friends studied more systematically all readings of a Kanji, but I mostly focused on real world words and wrote down everything I encountered. Studying only about 30 mins every day, I could study about 100-200 words.

I realized later that I had learned the same thing when I was studying the board game Go. In about 2 years I went to 3-5 kyuu level, but it was because I played a lot of fast games, with short reviews afterwards.

I have been using that to study other things also, but I think it has become kind of way of working also.

If I need to do something, I draft something fast to see if it might even work or not, prepared to throw it away. To be able to do that I do spend long time learning and optimizing shortcuts and other practical things. That allows me to get feedback fast.

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Why you should track your time (and how?)

I have been an avid user of Rescue Time for couple of years now. Rescue Time is an application that tracks everything you do on your computer and makes it into easy to understand output.If you compare your weekly and daily hours and productivity scores, you start to notice patterns.

Then you start thinking about the reasons and notice that you really had something else bothering you from external reasons. Maybe you eat heavy lunch, become sleepy and distracted every afternoon, and don’t get any work done between 12-15. Maybe there was a month when you had family or friend matters, seasonal events etc, and were distracted.

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